The Buy Social Europe B2B project aims to create longevity and sustainability for social procurement.

In order to do so, the movement aims to identify ‘trade-ready’ Social Enterprises (SEs) and Mainstream Enterprises (MEs) with a view to encouraging collaboration and supporting scaling of the movement.

What is Ecosystem Mapping?

The Buy Social Europe B2B consortium is gathering data from a variety of sources, including national and international databases, surveys, reports and research to identify existing relationships between relevant businesses, enterprises and governments already taking place in Europe. 

Mapping the European B2B trade-ready/interested ecosystem is a long process. The Buy Social Europe B2B team is already working with a wide variety of parties, but interested parties are welcome to get in touch and be involved. 

What is Ecosystem Mapping?

How Can You Get in touch?

Mapping the European B2B trade-ready/interested ecosystem is a long and iterative process. The Buy Social Europe B2B project team is already working with a wide variety of parties, but interested parties are welcome to get in touch.

Even if you are neither a Social Enterprise or a Mainstream Enterprise, but are interested in partnering with the movement, please do get in touch with us through the contact form or send us an email at

Target Groups and Relevant Stakeholders

The Buy Social Europe B2B project aims to build bridges across all stakeholders for a more collaborative social procurement ecosystem within European countries and beyond. 

Primary Target Groups

Social Enterprises (SEs)

Social Enterprises (SEs) who are already successfully selling to or interested in trading with Mainstream Enterprises (MEs). Social procurement and B2B trade relationships are a key tool for scaling impact and business.  

Buy Social Europe B2B can help Social Enterpirses build their capacity to trade with Mainstream Enterprises and connect them with potential business clients.

Mainstream Enterprises (MEs)

Consumer behaviour and pressing social issues are driving businesses to integrate diversity and inclusion, sustainability (netzero) into their strategies.

A key to inclusion and sustainability is social procurement - buying products and services from Social Enterprises. It allows traditional businesses to source the goods and services they need, while bringing impact, diversity and sustainability into their supply chains.

Buy Social Europe B2B can help MEs build their capacity for social procurement and connect with proven social entrepreneurs they can trade with. 

Intermediaries Organisations

Civil society and social economy organisations, including Social Enterprise Support Organisation (SESOs) and Mainstream Enterprise Support Organizations (MESOs) are key players in ecosystem development, nationally and beyond. SESOs and MESOs provide the necessary structures, networking and services to build the capacity and scale their desired social and environmental impact. 

Other Groups & Relevant Stakeholders

Investors and Funders

Investing in social procurement is a proven tool for achieving both financial goals and scaling the positive impact of social entrepreneurs. Investors play a key role in the transition to a more socially inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy and society.

Policy Makers and Decision Makers

Buy Social Europe B2B gathers the leading expert organisations within social procurement. Collectively data has been gathered, knowledge and successful examples are shared so that B2B trade relationships between social enterprises and mainstream businesses can continue to build a sustainable network of partners committed to scaling the Buy Social Europe B2B movement.

Researchers and Educators

Researchers and knowledge institutes play a crucial role in understanding, both qualitatively and quantitatively, the ecosystems in the Social Enterprise and Mainstream Enterprise sphere’s. Influential studies and reports have indicated the potential for social procurement to unlock a set of new mutually beneficial relationships. Thanks to these studies, social procurement is seen as a powerful tool for advancing the social economy and scaling the impact of social entrepreneurs alike.

Expression of Interest by Partners

Social procurement in Europe is dynamic and there are a myriad of opportunities and possibilities. We are confident with a wide range of partners and supporters, we can facilitate meaningful exchanges and support long-lasting partnerships for good.


If you are interested in getting involved with the Buy Social Europe B2B project, please contact us.

The Role of Cities, Regions and Governments

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The Link with Public Social Procurement

While private social procurement is a more recent movement, governments and government agencies have been procuring from different types of suppliers, locally and globally for many years. As the biggest procurement actors in the world, governments have significant influence in how socially oriented and impact driven procurement is perceived by society and Mainstream Enterprises and the necessary structures to create an enabling environment. 

If your city or regional government is interested in being involved, please contact us.