Buy Social Europe B2B consortium published a Meet the Buyer Event Guide - a comprehensive report, with proven tips and success stories on how to facilitate trade relationships and partnerships between buyers and suppliers across Europe.

Meet the Buyer Best Practice Guide

Developing a robust social procurement B2B market involves connecting mainstream enterprises (buyers) with social enterprises (suppliers). 'Meet the Buyer' events are an excellent way to do this. Their central feature is a series of short pitches from social enterprises to mainstream enterprises, but they can also include additional elements, allowing buyers and suppliers to directly exchange information about existing products and services.

Led by true social procurement pioneers, Social Enterprise UK (SEUK), Buy Social Europe B2B has created a 'Meet the Buyer Guide'. It builds on years of experience and multiple events hosted by SEUK and other consortium partners and provides a set of steps for a successful event.

It offers a checklist and tips for intermediary organizations wanting to organize Meet the Buyer events, focusing on the following key topics: 

1. How to set-up a Meet the Buyer event?

  • How to design the event, based on the needs and awareness level of the mainstream enterprises you're looking to attract as an audience.
  • Tips on event format for online and in-person events.

2. What are the critical factors to have in mind in order to run an effective event?

  • Briefing and preparing participating social enterprises.
  • Attracting attendees from mainstream enterprises.
  • Conducting effective practice runs before the event

3. How to ensure that events lead to deals between social enterprises and mainstream enterprises?

  • Sending an online survey to mainstream enterprises to gather feedback and information on which social enterprises they want to connect with.
  • Following up with email introductions between buyers and suppliers.


Included in the guide are real life examples of different event formats, and successful events hosted by Social Enterprise NL (SENL) in the Netherlands, Social Entrepreneurship Netzwerk Deutschland (SEND) in Germany, Smart Kolektiv in Serbia and more.


Explore the full Meet the Buyer Best Practice Guide here.

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