Buy Social Europe B2B launches a support program to corporate managers on the topic of social procurement. Led by experts from Yunus Social Business, Social Enterprise UK and Euclid Network, it offers access to an exclusive online course, tailored mentoring, and information on best practices.

Social Procurement Support Program for Corporate Managers

Are you a procurement or sustainability manager who wants to learn more and get started with social procurement? Are you still unsure you understand what a social enterprise is? Or are you already actively engaged in your organisation, and want to learn from other experienced managers, to move forward in your social procurement journey? 

As part of the Buy Social Europe B2B project, Yunus Social Business, Social Enterprise UK and Euclid Network offer a support program to corporate managers in the topic of social procurement. Here's what you will get from us: 

An Exclusive Online Course

Get access to our exclusive Social Procurement online course on social procurement. It includes videos, quizzes and tools, divided into 10 modules that will give you an introduction into social procurement: 

Module 1: Introduction to Social Procurement
Module 2: Strategic Relevance of Social Procurement
Module 3: Benefits of Social Procurement
Module 4: Meet Social Entrepreneurs
Module 5: Designing a Social Procurement Strategy
Module 6: Sourcing & Evaluating Social Enterprises
Module 7: Building a Social Procurement Process
Module 8: Growing with your Suppliers
Module 9: Impact Measurement & Communication
Module 10: Corporate Social Innovation

Get access for free and take 3 hours max to complete all 10 modules.

Peer-to-Peer Mentoring:

Those managers who are already engaged in the topic of social procurement and and want to scale their efforts will get matched with one of the most experienced social procurement leaders in Europe, part of the Buy Social Europe B2B Network.

The mentoring program will be coordinated by Social Enterprise UK and will include the following steps: 

- Evaluation of your needs and challanges;

- Matchmaking with relevant and experienced social procurement professionals who will act as mentors. Where possible, the mentors will be from similar industries and geographies as the mentees; 

- Setting-up quarterly one hour calls between mentor and mentee.

Get best practices and insights:

You will receive in your mailbox 40 case studies of a successful partnership between a social enterprise and a mainstream company, covering many different countries and industries, as well as adiditional industry insights.

If you're interested, please fill in this form.

For any questions, email:

About Buy Social Europe B2B:

Buy Social Europe B2B empowers social and mainstream enterprises to find each other and forge sustainable trade partnerships, aiming to take the social procurement movement in Europe to the next level. The transnational initiative is co-funded by the European Comission and by SAP, and unites in one movement 23 partners from 17 countries, among which are some the longest-standing and most experienced experts in the field of social procurement.